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Sticky: We Made Our First Porn Video

When you are so long in the marriage like the two of us are, you really need to start doing something to keep the things hot and running. We were both very shy about our sexuality our whole lives, but that doesn’t mean that we had a boring life. We enjoyed sex, but now when I think about it, we could have enjoyed it much more. If only we told to each other what we liked sooner.

It all started once we saw this movie on TV which was about a married couple movie. Of course, they were filming a sex tape. We both became very silent and we didn’t talk about anything for a while. And then I had to ask my husband what he thought about the movie. More precisely, what he had to say about the fact that the married couple filmed themselves. He hesitated to talk about it because he thought that I would be offended. However, after a while he admitted that the whole idea was pretty sexy and that he wouldn’t mind doing it himself if I was OK with it.

A smile that was worth more than a thousand words shined all over my face. I was so happy to hear those words coming from his mouth. I ran to the bedroom and fetched our camera.
“Let’s do it right away!” I said and started undressing myself.

We posed camera on the table so that the whole bed can be seen. After that, the party started. We kissed for a very long time and we stroked each other like we met for the first time in our lives. I took his cock and jerked it off gently but firmly, so that it soon reached its full size. At the same time, he gently brushed his hands against my pussy. He would slide his fingers forward and backwards pushing them more and more so that they started falling inside my pussy. Soon enough, he was fingering me hard.

It was our first time making a porn video. Therefore, we didn’t want to overdo it and we just enjoyed a regular and simple missionary position for the camera. I was on my back and my husband was on top of me, thrusting rhythmically. He was jamming his big cock in and out of me, holding my legs wide apart. I love it when my pussy is that exposed. Somehow, it makes me feel a little bit humiliated, but I like that with a right person. Of course, my husband is the perfect person for that. Click here to watch that porn video online!

The camera was rolling, the porn movie was being made and all I could think about was how much I like being fucked by my husband. The situation aroused him more than usual as well and he couldn’t wait to cum. He unloaded so much cum and he spilled it all on my stomach and my tits. It is like this married couple movie lit that spark that we thought was long gone.

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